Our president and CEO Marc Diebold founded dgs in November 1985, with the belief that agency growth and success comes from being able to generate and execute ideas that help clients achieve their goals in all economic climates and marketplace environments.

It’s this simple philosophy along with our willingness to change with the times that’s kept us viable and relevant to this day. Furthermore, we’ve stayed on the cusp of innovation when it comes to new marketing mediums, from the introduction of cable TV in the 80s to the widespread use of the Internet in the 90s to the social media platforms of today.

We started specializing in the manufacturing industry in 1989, and have since become the top agency in the metalworking sector. We’re able to maintain this niche by having a keen understanding of advanced technology equipment and the people that use it, which is key for companies that sell complex products and services to technically minded individuals.

Plus, we take the time to research the ever-evolving global marketplace as well as surround ourselves in all aspects of manufacturing to identify potential challenges and opportunities for our clients. By doing this, we’re able to match a product or service with the right audience. And we can prove it through client testimonials and the awards we’ve received over the years.