Our talented, highly driven employees set the pace for others to follow. And while each person has a unique background and skill set, everyone follows the same method of operation, which leads to great work. Pair this powerful brain trust with our proven processes and years of experience, and you’ve got a partner that’s up for any communication challenge or opportunity.


Our leadership is very hands on when it comes to ensuring your success, and they like doing things better than anyone expects is possible. They mobilize the dgs team to do great work by fostering a collaborative environment and inspiring an entrepreneurial spirit.

Marc Diebold

Marc enjoys learning things about companies that would surprise most people, including what it takes to develop a new technology or how to determine the best way to manufacture a part. He believes when you service clients in an ever-changing industry, such as manufacturing, it’s important to be flexible and always have a forward-thinking attitude.

Chief Executive Officer
Leslie Galbreath, APR

An accredited public relations strategist, Leslie loves the challenge and fast pace of the marketing world. And while she is an amazing strategist, she isn’t afraid to “work in the trenches” with staff. She believes when you cater to a niche market, such as manufacturing, it’s important to keep things real because when executives lose touch, they lose relevance.

Vice President
Chuck Bates

Personable, levelheaded and informed best describe Chuck. Having been a tool and die machinist and senior editor for American Machinist before joining our team, he knows the ins and outs of the manufacturing industry. Such experience makes it easy for him to pitch and/or write articles that magazines want to publish. He can also take any bland or difficult subject matter and turn it into an easy-to-read, highly informative article that keeps reader interest.

Vice President
Alkis Marangos

Innovative, resourceful and engaged best describe Alkis. Above all, he is always searching for the next transformative discovery that will revolutionize marketing strategies. He finds the right solutions and harnesses marketing automation to increase conversion rates. He loves utilizing web data and analytics to make informed decisions that improve our digital operations.