Let me handle that for you

By Leslie Galbreath If you work in business, you’ve likely heard the phrase “everyone is a marketer” uttered sarcastically at one point or another. It’s become rather a running joke in my profession. As jokes go, it’s a pretty good one because it rings true more often...

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We are Thankful

dgs Marketing Engineers has much to be thankful for this Thanksgiving. From our exciting leadership changes to our continued development of our highly creative team, we are filled with abundant joy and thankfulness for all that we have had the opportunity to...

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Finding the right talent

By Marc Diebold In a professional service business like ours, finding and retaining the right people is the key to sustained growth, profitability, and a vibrant corporate culture. Consequently, we look at the recruiting process as an opportunity to make a positive...

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Why Collaboration in the Workplace is Important

Time and time again, history and experience have proven more can be accomplished by many than by an individual. It is not surprising this truism extends to the workplace in the form of collaboration. Collaboration is a buzz word in business today. Companies are...

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Personalize your content to reach the right target

Is your content in the driver seat or is your focus on hitting deadlines and meeting expectations? Slow it down and reassess. Successful campaign copy is focused, personalized and targeted on the key audience. Try these top tips to staying true to your message. Know...

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A Week Without LG

Those who know the dgs team well, know that we go by our initials most of the time. LG is Leslie Galbreath, Chief Executive Officer. I’m RB, Rebecca Boyle, Executive Assistant to the CEO. Initials make for fast communication, especially when you’re referring to the...

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Answering your simple questions with Google Analytics

When used to its full potential, Google Analytics can be a useful tool that provides insights and answers to burning questions about the effectiveness of your website. The data in Google Analytics reports can help you answer questions such as how well your online (and...

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