Discover More with Mazak Campaign

Applying Positive Messaging to an Integrated Campaign

For many working today, the great recession constituted the largest external challenge faced in their careers. Even after officially ending, its impact reverberated through the American manufacturing industry for years. A slow recovery made many companies hesitant to invest in ramping up capabilities and capacity, even as things began to improve several years into the 2010s. As a leading machine tool builder, Mazak Corporation saw many of its customers struggling to determine the best way forward. The company tasked dgs with creating a campaign that would establish its position as a resource for its customers.

Mazak’s previous campaign, Do More with Mazak, focused primarily on the productivity gains that could be achieved via the company’s machines. dgs evolved this positioning to create Discover More with Mazak. While a seemingly subtle change, it actually represented a substantial shift, moving the conversation away from a particular benefit and into the full range of complementary actions Mazak takes to support its customers. Messaging focused on how, even in difficult times, Mazak invests substantially into research & development and expanding its capabilities, resulting in the creation of the exact solutions its customers needed as they emerged from the recession. Discover More encapsulated the promise to always empower customers to take the next step on their journey to success.

Throughout the course of 2013, Discover More with Mazak was built into a comprehensive integrated marketing communications campaign. Every piece of external-facing communication incorporated the messaging, including print and digital ads, direct mail and eblasts, press releases and articles and the corporate website. The initial roll-out of the campaign culminated in the development of a signature technology event established in the fall of the year. Held at the company’s headquarters & production campus in Florence, Kentucky, the Discover More with Mazak event broke all of the company’s private event attendance records. This spurred a series of smaller, regional events also under the campaign’s banner.




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We see dgs as a partner. Not just a vendor. They are proactive and supportive and see the needs we have that we might not see over time.

We saw many customers hesitating to invest in themselves, and felt the need to inspire them with what was possible. Discover More with Mazak is part of every touch point we have with customers and permeates the market with its positive message.