We get the job done with a process-oriented approach we can scale to fit any marketing scenario, no matter the size or complexity. This proprietary approach has continuously proven its effectiveness throughout our agency’s history and provides both the creativity and strategy that’s necessary to build positive brand awareness, cement customer trust and grow bottom lines.

Our well-established, repeatable processes keep us highly accountable for the work we do and lead to better results for our clients, every time. We believe that’s the best way to demonstrate our effective solutions, a fact borne out by our many satisfied customers.



IntelliQUEST, our proprietary discovery process, builds the foundation of our successful partnerships and begins as soon as we take on a new client. This intense, customized educational phase makes it possible for us to learn everything we can about your needs, goals and desired outcomes. We also use this process to thoroughly understand the behaviors and perceptions of your target audiences as well as gather competitor intelligence.


Before we work to fulfill a need or solve a problem, we take the time to look at and define your opportunity or issue. Through research, we determine who you need to reach, what you want your audience to do and what type of messages you need to communicate.


Strategic Planning

Every marketing and public relations strategy needs a plan to be successful. Our planning process starts with goal setting and creating the framework of research-based strategies and tactics.

Creative Execution

Once we thoroughly understand your needs, we start implementing the tactics that will allow you to achieve your objectives creatively and cost-efficiently.


We measure and optimize in-progress work, then measure again once your marketing project or public relations campaign is over to determine how effectively we met your objectives.

dgs was founded in November 1985 with the belief that agency growth and success comes from being able to generate and execute ideas that help clients achieve their goals in all economic climates and marketplace environments. Since then, we’ve strived to change with the times and keep up with the ever-evolving global marketplace and stay on the cusp on innovation.

Our Leadership Team

Our talented, highly driven employees set the pace for others to follow. And while each person has a unique background and skill set, everyone follows the same method of operation, which leads to great work. Pair this powerful brain trust with our proven processes and years of experience, and you’ve got a partner that’s up for any communication challenge or opportunity.

Leslie Galbreath, APR

Leslie Galbreath, APR


Alkis Marangos

Alkis Marangos

Chief Marketing Officer

Chuck Bates

Chuck Bates

Vice President


We can tell you about our great work and reputation, but we’d rather show you.