dgs Marketing Engineers recognized very early on the potential of social media for the metalcutting industry, and has led some of the world’s best brands into this new frontier of marketing, achieving exceptional results.


Social Media
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The Process

In 2010, OMAX Corporation, a designer and manufacturer of the world’s most advanced abrasive waterjet technology, turned to us to help them develop a strategy to enter this exciting new environment. Together, we set clear, measurable objectives and developed a targeted, proactive social media strategy that complemented the company’s other marketing communication activities. Specifically, OMAX wanted to increase brand awareness and create a dialog that would encourage the exchange of new ideas, increase exposure to technology and guide users to solutions. In doing so, we knew we would also further solidify OMAX’s position as thought leaders in the industry and improve their reach to the next generation of waterjet users.

Using our extensive knowledge of OMAX’s products, services and target audience, we applied experience and best practice to determine the most effective outlets to meet their objectives.


From there, we designed the company’s program from the ground up – setting up the accounts, creating profiles, and developing an organized, methodical system for activity and evaluation.

Our team now works to continuously develop content for the various channels and monitor key performance indicators. As the programs evolve, these metrics help guide strategy and the development of content.

OMAX’s social media program is consistently the top performer in the industry when comparing impression and engagement numbers to their competitors. Its followers are enthusiastic, loyal and vocal. OMAX continues to embrace social media strategy as a means to connect with users and grow their business.

The numbers


Increase in Twitter followers


Increase in Facebook likes


Increase in Facebook post engagement


Increase in number of YouTube channel views

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