A leader in the cutting tool industry, Seco prides itself on the knowledge base it develops and maintains. Equally important is the fact that this expertise is consistently put to work for the benefit of the customer. From guiding R&D and steering product development to assisting a customer in using a tool with a wholly unique application, Seco’s knowledge doesn’t exist for its own sake, but to simplify and improve the lives of the customers it serves.




Content Development

Idea Generation

Public Relations

The Process

As Seco’s full-service agency of record, one of dgs’ key responsibilities is maintaining Seco’s North American PR program. This includes crafting and executing a communications program that ensures Seco’s market position is accurately represented and strengthened. In other words, releases, articles, announcements and other communications must not only belie the company’s deep technical knowledge, but also clearly link it directly to the benefit it provides to customers.

To effectively maintain Seco’s voice within the market, members of dgs’s PR team immerse themselves in the necessary technical knowledge by attending Seco training events and seminars and staying in regular contact with a wide range of the company’s experts.

Through close working relationships with Seco personnel responsible for areas such as product development, customer support and training events, the dgs team always knows where to go for reference when crafting specific communications.

This approach permeates the writing that dgs does for Seco, as well as media relations conducted to ensure favorable placements and coverage of vital announcements and events. dgs has effectively positioned Seco’s technical experts as a go-to source for the industry’s trade press, establishing credibility that makes it easier to get Seco’s messages in front of customers and the industry at large.

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