By Justin Brown

I love the opportunity to craft exceptional experiences that delight, educate, and inform current and future users. Building products means you’re part of something big. When you’re starting a new feature or product, you’re trying to solve a problem that previously didn’t exist for a specific audience. It’s kind of like having kids. First there’s an idea. Then over time it turns into this amazing thing that exists, and you are its creator. There is always something exciting to look forward to.

It takes a certain kind of person to be a graphic designer, one who really enjoys doing it and is willing to make a career out of it. It requires being a lifelong learner to survive, confidence in one’s talent and a willingness to surrender it to another’s taste preferences. When I see my work out there in the world, representing clients and hopefully improving its image and credibility among customers who support them, I feel uniquely proud. I feel like I’m making the world just a little bit better, even though none of those client customers know who I am.

I enjoy the creative outlet and the constant challenges. I enjoy getting to work with powerful computers (and big screens) in a comfortable environment. I enjoy working with other communications professionals I respect and who respect me. I enjoy having flexibility and that I’m considered a professional. And I take comfort in the fact that my talent and skills will never be obsolete. The economy rises and falls, the fortunes of companies expand and contract. But communications are vital. Every business needs to communicate and everyone needs their visual communication to look the best it can. I went into a field where there will always be a demand for talented, experienced people who aren’t afraid to work hard. It’s a good job, and there’s really nothing else I’d rather be doing.

I feel particularly lucky to be a graphic designer, doing this job, today. Because the work I’ve done is now a part of these organization’s history and it will continue to be for as long as it lasts. That’s a kind of indelible mark I was given the opportunity to make.

So, stay close. Something interesting may happen.

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