A woman’s place is everywhere.

By Leslie Galbreath  International Women’s Day is an opportunity for the world to celebrate women’s achievements - and our achievements are many. There are a great many women who have achieved a great many things in history, social movements, politics, business,...

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A book, a movie, an album and a game

By Jim May I’m endlessly captivated, moved and entertained by our capacity for creativity. Whenever I have the spare time to curl up with a book or movie, listen to an album or play through a video game, I’m a happy camper. In today’s world, I think we can all benefit...

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How my childhood experiences became valuable life lessons

By Alkis Marangos People who are close to me know that I am not one to philosophize about life or try to find answers to life’s most complicated questions. I consider myself rather a ‘shallow’ guy who enjoys living in the moment and making the most of every day in...

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Why No One Likes Your Facebook Posts

For the B2B sector, social media marketing has been a game changer and a key differentiator between competition. Forward thinking organizations recognize the importance social media plays in their overall marketing strategies. In fact, based on a recent study by...

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Taking Some Time to Recharge During the Holidays

By Rebecca Boyle It’s the new year and we are back to work after the holidays. (I hope yours were good. Mine were.) The best part of my holiday break was spending some downtime with my family. After traveling to Cleveland for Christmas, we enjoyed a few days at home...

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World’s Okayest Mom

By Lisa Cloud I wear so many hats in my life - I'm a daughter, sister, caregiver, friend, employee, leggings lover - but the one I take the greatest pride in, well most days, is being a mom. Wanna know a little secret about me? Here’s some real talk for...

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Fuel Your Creativity

By Marc Diebold Having a passion for something outside of your day-to-day job responsibilities can fuel your creative side and inform and enhance the important career-related work that you do. Over the years, I’ve found that the things our staff at dgs are passionate...

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It’s Time to Be Thankful

By Mimi Brodt In November of 1621, the Pilgrims celebrated their first successful corn harvest with a group of Native American allies. Today, many Americans continue that tradition of gratitude by spending the fourth Thursday of November with family and friends –...

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6 Ways to Maximize Trade Show ROI

While trade show attendance represents a significant investment on the part of a business, it offers unique value that cannot be gained through other marketing mediums. Trade shows offer exhibitors the opportunity to have face-to-face meetings with many different...

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