By Mimi Brodt

Thankful ForIn November of 1621, the Pilgrims celebrated their first successful corn harvest with a group of Native American allies. Today, many Americans continue that tradition of gratitude by spending the fourth Thursday of November with family and friends – feasting on traditional foods, watching football, playing board games, and now even getting a jump start on their holiday shopping.

In my family before we eat, each person shares something for which they are thankful. The subjects vary widely and sometimes laughter ensues… other times tears. Whatever the outcome, it always reminds us of how lucky we are. And while the many things we have to be thankful for in our personal lives jump quickly to mind, we often forget to acknowledge the what we’re thankful for in our workplaces. In the spirit of being grateful, here are three things I am personally thankful for at dgs:

1. Passionate People
It’s fun to work with passionate people. Passion drives people to do great work and to go the extra mile when helping colleagues or responding to client needs. dgs is a group of passionate people. Each of our disciplines – account service, social media, content and public relations – is made up of fun, thoughtful, talented people. They are good listeners. They care about the world around them. They accomplish great things on a daily basis. The people who work here bring together a wide variety of experiences that blend well together. I especially love working with some of our younger team members because I really appreciate how they bring a completely different perspective to each challenge. They frequently ask why and are not afraid to try new ways of doing something. I am thankful for and energized by their creativity.

2. Great Clients
At dgs, we don’t just have clients, we have great clients. We’ve worked with most of our clients for many years, and these long-standing relationships have enabled us to really understand their companies, the products and services they sell, and the challenges they face. The result? We are their collaborative partner, which is much more satisfying that simply being one of their vendors. I am very thankful that dgs has clients who respect our talents and have given us a seat at their tables.

3. New Opportunities
About this time, we go through a planning process with each of our clients to prepare for the upcoming year. Each client shares their objectives for the new year, and based on the problems they need to solve, we then put together recommendations on what marketing communications strategies will best meet those objectives. This process is exhilarating – especially for a group of passionate people. The chance to take a fresh look at a challenge and bring forth new ideas that will help our clients chart a successful course for the new year is what makes marketing so interesting. Plus, with each new challenge come new opportunities to learn and grow. And for that, I am thankful.

So what are you thankful for?

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