by Leslie Galbreath

Our clients are busy. This is a very good thing. What’s even better is that the new ideas are pouring out of us.

As we move through this economic recovery (thank goodness), there’s more reason than ever for our clients to market themselves. Competition is tough, and marketing gives them an edge – a simple idea, but one that’s still quite true.

From sales collateral to direct mail and public relations to advertising, there seem to be a million things we want to say, and never enough time or space to say them. With an ever growing mix of marketing activities, social media included, new ideas abound. It’s exciting.

We recently completed the concepting stage of a big campaign – lots of different marketing activities in the mix. As we went through the process, we found ourselves thinking of one thing after the other we could do to promote the brand. With so much opportunity, it was a challenge to keep up with my team’s creativity.

I find myself applying new expectations to our media partners and other vendors. What can they offer that will give my clients an edge? Gone are the days that we simply buy pages and banners and sign up for every trade show that comes across our desks. Now is the time to develop truly innovative marketing strategy and expect more of ourselves and our partners. New ideas are where it’s at.

Perhaps we’re all anxious to get things moving. Perhaps it’s just refreshing to have new and exciting work. Maybe the pressure to carve out a space for our clients during the recession opened our mind to new ideas and forced us to make the most of every opportunity. Whatever it is, I like it.

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